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Private Session

Starting at CAD$105 per appointmentFrom CAD$100 per visit with Pathfinding Extension- Five Sessions with Julie passPurchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Starting at CAD$105
Private Session with Julie CAD$136.50 • 1 visit • Single session with Julie at the studio or outside.
Pathfinding Extension- Five Sessions with Julie CAD$498.75 • 5 visits
5 Pack Private Sessions with Julie CAD$567 • 5 visits • Five one-on-one sessions with Julie, paid up front (save $40). Sessions are ideally held weekly, biweekly, or monthly according to your schedule.

Private sessions can help you improve your physical, social, and emotional wellness through yoga, meditation, conversation, and/or mindfulness practices. Sessions will include some combination of these modalities to best help you feel better in your body, manage stress in healthier ways, and/or feel more connected to your own body and the people you love in your life. Contact Julie to discuss your goals and intentions.

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Yoga Teacher Mentorship with Julie Peters CAD$787.50 • 6 visits •

Be the yoga teacher you want to be!

Teaching yoga can come with a lot of questions. How do I figure out what kind of teacher I am? How do I shake off the nerves and feel confident in my teaching? How does sequencing work, anyway? How can I get my students to keep coming back? And can I make a living doing this?

This mentorship will provide you with personal, tailored support in clarifying what you want and achieving your goals as a yoga teacher. Refine your knowledge in a range of topics with an experienced yoga teacher who can support you wherever you have questions. Some examples of topics we could explore:

  • Understanding sequencing so you can create a class on the fly
  • Gaining confidence in being the teacher you want to be
  • Refining languaging so you can teach effectively and offer personal attention to your students
  • Clarifying your intentions and goals and finding your unique voice
  • Hands-on assists
  • Refining your understanding of asana so you can teach it safely and well
  • Developing a sustainable career as a yoga teacher
  • Understanding effective marketing and business techniques

This program includes 6 one-on-one sessions within a maximum of ten weeks, five public classes with Julie at Ocean and Crow, two follow-up Skype sessions once a month after the end of the program, email support, and optional extension packages. We will discuss your goals and intentions and create a plan for our time together.

Full program $750+tax (save $40 if paid up front).

Payment plan: three payments of $263.40+tax (includes processing fees).

Optional extension packages: five sessions within eight weeks for $590+tax.

Call 778-706-8805 or email julie@oceanandcrow.ca to set up a complimentary consultation call to see if this program would be a good fit for you.

Pathfinding: A One-On-One Program with Julie Peters CAD$882 • 8 visits •

When we are not living in alignment with what we really, truly desire, we can feel lost, confused, stuck in the same old relationship patterns or paralyzed by decisions. We are nagged by constant health issues or just a general sense that something isn’t quite right. When we’re in alignment with our passions, we are clear about what we want, confident, and full of vitality in all aspects of our lives. So how do we know what we really want? How do we see what’s in our way, shift whatever it is, and move forward with clarity and confidence?

This ten-week one-on-one program offers a holistic body/mind approach to getting unstuck from old patterns, cutting through confusion, and moving past the blockages that prevent us from living in alignment with our true, deep-down desires. Connect to the wisdom of your body and the intelligence of your mind so that you can own your choices in work, life, and relationships and live with courage and integrity.

This program will include a range of tools, including conversation, meditation, breathwork, visualization, hands-on touch, and more, depending on the individual needs of the client. We move through four phases in our work together over ten weeks: 1. Inquiry 2. Obstacles 3. Support 4. Action. We will work to discover the pattern, find the problem, move the blockages, and co-create the path toward the life you really want.

The Calm, Confident Man: A Ten-Week Program with Julie CAD$1,044.75 • 10 visits •

A happy, healthy person is able to take care of his body, be productive at work, and deeply connect to his loved ones. This can feel like a tall order when stress in any of these realms looms. When that stress hits a critical mass, chronic health problems show up, relationships break down, and work feels much harder to get through. How can a man stay connected to the health of his body and the quality of his work while also showing up as a good friend, lover, son, or parent?

Men face unique challenges in a culture that asks a lot of them. Teasing out the difference between these expectations and what an individual man needs to be healthy and happy in all realms is a practice that will benefit him throughout his life. This ten-week, one-on-one program focuses on developing the skills men need to take care of themselves, their work, and the people they care about. Using a range of tools from conversation to yoga, breath work, and meditation depending on the needs of the client, we will figure out the challenges we are facing and develop the skills we need to be calm, confident, and connected at work, in relationships, and in a state of health and wholeness.

We take a holistic body/mind approach to discover what is holding you back at work, in terms of health, and/or in relationships, how to remove those blockages, and what tools will support connection and growth in all those realms. Our process moves through four stages: 1. Inquiry 2. Obstacles 3. Support 4. Action. We work through these stages over ten sessions together so you can move forward and live a calm, confident, connected life.

Morning Afternoon Evening
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Dec 11 Wednesday 5 Times Available 4 Times Available 3 Times Available
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