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Intentional Rest: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Katie Blecker (Feb 15th 2020)

CAD$52.50Purchase required to enroll

Discover the healing power of conscious rest through the combined practices of restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Join Katie for a nourishing and restful extended class where you will indulge in some extra-supportive restorative yoga, followed by a full length yoga nidra meditation. This class will offer space to relax, unwind, and practice gentle self-care.

This two hour practice is open to all levels of experience and anyone who is comfortable with lying on the floor (with the support of lots of props, of course!) Space is limited to 10 participants so that each person has access to plentiful props and guidance in setting things up ‘just right’ to cultivate space to rest deeply. The first hour or so will be dedicated to some restorative postures and then we’ll move into an extended Savasana for the yoga nidra practice.

Yoga nidra is a heart-centered form of guided meditation, often referred to as the state of yogic sleep. While you lay down comfortably, you will be guided through a particular multi-layered process that gradually allows your body to find a state of sleep while your mind remains present, yet focused deeply on witnessing your inner experience. Through this internal journey you might begin to release old patterns, thoughts, or behaviours that are no longer serving your highest good, which can create space for deep transformation and connection to who you are. Many practitioners also report feelings of relaxation, rejuvenation, and nourishment after experiencing the state of yoga nidra. It’s said that an hour or less of yoga nidra compares physiologically to 3-4 hours of actual sleep.

Saturday, Feb 15th, 2:00-4:00pm. $45+tax before Feb 8th, $50+tax after.

Please note this workshop will also be offered on March 21st and April 18th. See https://www.oceanandcrow.ca/workshops/ for future dates.

Katie Blecker has over 650 hours of training and offers yoga and meditation as practices for cultivating connection, embodiment, and ease in everyday life. She leads classes in accessible and gentle styles of yoga - offering variations, options, and creative ways to use yoga props. Katie is trained in yoga nidra facilitation and considers it an honor to hold space for practitioners to experience this profound practice. She recognizes that yoga nidra is very nuanced and requires a great deal of care and responsibility from the individual guiding the practice. In all of Katie’s offerings, her primary focus is on creating safer spaces for people to explore their relationships to their bodies, minds, and hearts. You will find that her classes contain plenty of opportunities for choice-making, invitational language, and an emphasis on mindfulness.

Cancellation policy Refunds may be issued with a $10 processing fee before Feb 8th, 2020. No refunds will be issued after Feb 8th.
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