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*Complimentary Sample: Virtual Stretch and Release with Alex Hughes ZOOM STUDIO


This class is designed for people who are looking for more mobility and freedom in their bodies in day to day life. We learn more about ourselves by exploring the inner landscapes of the body. We work with mindfully held postures and also release the connective tissue and muscles through stretching and self massage with various tools including the dowel, different sized balls, various household items that you already have, or no props if you have no props!

This class is online, so check with your health practitioner before you start class to ensure it's safe for you to do so. Do not push yourself or do anything that causes pain. You will be able to ask your teacher questions and let them know about injuries before class.

Complimentary sample: Saturday, April 18th, 12:00-1:00pm.

This class will be offered weekly on Saturdays.

Join our Zoom studio:

Virtual Unlimited Access Pass: $45+tax until April 30th, $75+tax after: https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/pack_products/651408

Virtual Weekly Pass: 6 Classes in 6 weeks $78+tax ($13/class): https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/pack_products/652745

With 12 years of Yoga teaching experience, Alex has a knack for understanding various body types and a microscopic eye for the internal/external warning signs where repair is needed. With a focus on the full body, Alex designs each class to ensure the entire body feels rejuvenated and awake.