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Stretch and Release with Alex Hughes IN-PERSON CLASS

CAD$26.25 per classPurchase required to enroll
This class is designed for people who are looking for more mobility and freedom in their bodies in day to day life. We learn more about ourselves by exploring the inner landscapes of the body. We work with mindfully held postures and also release the connective tissue and muscles through stretching and self massage with various tools including the dowel, different sized balls, various household items that you already have, or no props if you have no props!

This class will be streamed and recorded online for our Zoom studio (you do not need to be on camera).

Please follow COVID-19 protocols:

Do not attend class if you feel sick (fever/cough/etc), have traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days, or been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19.

Masks optional but requested. Bring your own if you want one.

Sanitize your hands as soon as you enter the studio and upon leaving.

Only one person in the entranceway is allowed at one time. If someone is in the entranceway when you arrive, please wait at the door until the space clears so you can take your shoes off.

Physical distancing rules apply: maintain six feet from everyone else.

No handshakes or hugs, no physical assists will be offered.

Please bring your own mat and any props you may want to use (Nicole doesn't usually teach with many).

You may of course use the bathroom, surfaces are sanitized before and after class.